I have today experienced first hand the issue being hotly discussed in this Microsoft forum.

Basically Windows Update seems to have stopped working for those Windows Server 2003 machines some of us still have out there. Checking for Windows Updates returns this error:

WU-Error-80248015 ...continue reading "Error 0x80248015 checking Windows Update on Windows Server 2003"

Over time we have all experienced the slowness of WSUS increase and wondered what if anything can be done about it. Running the WSUS cleanup wizard is a good start but if you want to go that bit further then you should take a look at the WsusDBMaintenance.sql script that Microsoft have provided. The WSUSDBMaintenance script is a T-SQL script that can be run by SQL Server administrators to re-index and defragment WSUS 3.0 databases. It is available from here It only took a few minutes to run in my environment and I now schedule it to run once a month to keep WSUS ticking along nicely

When going through the WSUS feature installation on a Windows Server 2012 box you get the following error if the server is also a domain controller:


The request to add or remote features on the specified server failed.
The operation cannot be completed, because the server that you specified requires a restart. ...continue reading "Problems installing WSUS on Server 2012 Domain Controller"