I have been working with a customer recently when they needed to enable all the users in a certain OU with the exception of a small bunch of users. The way I chose to do this was suggest using a security group to define the exceptions and then use a script to enable everyone who was in the designated OU with the exception of the users in the designated security group.

I have found several other posts across the Internet where people have enabled from an OU but not with the security group exception so I put together this script and thought I'd share it for others to use.

I was scheduling the script file to run on one of the Lync front end servers every day so that any new users will be automatically enabled if they are in the correct OU and not a member of the security group.

The script will also Lync disable users who are currently enabled and then added to the security group.

Below is the script, just copy and save as a .ps1 file and your done.




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