In this scenario I have a Exchange 2013 Hybrid environment with Office 365 and 99% of the users have mailboxes in Office 365.

Creating a mailbox for an existing Active Directory user isn't possible through the Exchange GUI using the Exchange Admin Console (EAC) and must be done through PowerShell, here is how its done. ...continue reading "Creating an Office 365 mailbox for an existing Active Directory user"

I have been recently working on an Office 365 project with a client which involved implementing single sign-on using ADFS. During the pilot phase I encountered a strange issue where some users when trying to sign into their mailbox via ADFS it would not log them in and just refresh the page, it was like it accepted their login credentials but then didn't redirect them back to the OWA page where they should be going to. ...continue reading "ADFS 2012 R2 login fails for some users"

There has been a number of occasions when I have seen this error occurring on servers running DirSync, the error is this one:

Event ID:      6313
Task Category: Server
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      FIMSync

The server encountered an unexpected error creating performance counters for management agent "Active Directory MA".

Performance counters will not be available for this management agent.

The solution is a relatively simply one:

  1. Delete this registry key first:
  2. Next from an elevated command prompt run:
    unlodctr.exe FIMSynchronizationService
  3. Then run from the same elevated command prompt:
    lodctr.exe "C:Program FilesWindows Azure Active Directory SyncSYNCBUSSynchronization ServiceBinmmsperf.ini"

After these steps restart the service FIMSynchronizationService and you should be all sorted. This has worked for me numerous times

I was spending some time going through Exchange PowerShell cmdlets to create an Admin Role with the least permissions required for an account for the System Center Configuration Manager Exchange Connector when I stumbled across this excellent script. It was hard to find so I am putting it out there for others in the hope it gets more exposure





If you are using a Federated domain with your Office 365 there may be occasions when you would want to convert your domain back to a Standard or Managed domain type. The two reasons for doing this I can think of are: ...continue reading "Office 365 converting domain from Federated to standard"

I have been using Windows Server 2012 since it became generally available in September 2012 and after taking some time to find my way around the new menus and GUI I am very impressed with what Microsoft have produced. Hyper-V is just one of those great products which makes you sit up and take notice.

With the free version of Hyper-V Server 2012 this is just a great platform for building labs for testing and learning about new products. I have found this guide from Microsoft guru Keith Mayer an excellent resource in getting my Hyper-V 2012 lab up and running and wanted to share it with you so hopefully you can too.


When going through the WSUS feature installation on a Windows Server 2012 box you get the following error if the server is also a domain controller:


The request to add or remote features on the specified server failed.
The operation cannot be completed, because the server that you specified requires a restart. ...continue reading "Problems installing WSUS on Server 2012 Domain Controller"

When trying to access the legacy url /Exchange on an SBS 2011 server you get an error like this "Server Error in '/' Application" which is most annoying when you have users who struggle to update their bookmarks to /owa as it is now. ...continue reading "SBS 2011 Exchange redirect Server Error in ‘/’ Application"

I have had this error occur a few times to me recently when I have been performing SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 migrations for different clients and I thought I would document what fixed this for me. ...continue reading "SBS 2011 Companyweb cannot connect to configuration database"

Earlier this year Microsoft released an important hotfix for .NET 4.5:

A .NET Framework 4.5-based application that excessively uses ExecutionContext objects or WCF may result in too many objects being pinned on the Garbage Collector heap. This causes heap fragmentation along with an increase in memory and CPU usage by the Garbage Collector.  ...continue reading ".NET 4.5 hotfix available to reduce memory consumption of Exchange 2013 store worker processes"