Over time we have all experienced the slowness of WSUS increase and wondered what if anything can be done about it. Running the WSUS cleanup wizard is a good start but if you want to go that bit further then you should take a look at the WsusDBMaintenance.sql script that Microsoft have provided. The WSUSDBMaintenance script is a T-SQL script that can be run by SQL Server administrators to re-index and defragment WSUS 3.0 databases. It is available from here It only took a few minutes to run in my environment and I now schedule it to run once a month to keep WSUS ticking along nicely

We have all had to move lots of data from one location to another at some time or another, some like me forget all the useful switches and have to keep looking them up on TechNet. I have included an example of a Robocopy I use most times when moving lots of data and explain the switches too ...continue reading "Useful Robocopy switches for copying large amounts of file data"