I had this occur to me recently as I had an Exchange 2010 environment and having installed my first Exchange 2013 server as a CAS & Mailbox. I tried logging into the Exchange Admin Center using the URL https://localhost/ecp and noticed that after I logged in it looked very much like the Exchange 2010 version of ECP. ...continue reading "Accesing the Exchange 2013 Admin Center when your mailbox is on Exchange 2010"


I recently performed an upgrade of our internal DPM servers from DPM 2010 up to DPM 2012 SP1 following my instructions laid out in this post here. Now I have done this successfully on many occasions now but experienced a strange error on the primary DPM server shortly after the upgrade. ...continue reading "DPM 2012 SP1 error “DPM could not run the backup job for the data source because it is owned by a different DPM server”"