This is something I have started to see more and more recently with new Dell servers configured as a Hyper-V host. I first noticed this when copying some larger files into a virtual file and print server I was setting up for a client. The server was a brand new Dell PowerEdge R620 which came with two on-board Broadcom Gigabit network cards. When copying files into the virtual guest I was getting very slow transfer rates and I could tell something was not quite right, and so began the troubleshooting. ...continue reading "Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ) causes slow network performance inside Hyper-V virtual guests"

I came across an interesting issue the other day whilst working with a client and setting up a new PC for them. The PC had come with Office 2013 OEM which as you know is the latest edition of the popular Microsoft Office suite of programs. What struck me as odd was when trying to connect Outlook to the users Exchange mailbox I was getting the following error:

The resource that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange. Contact your e-mail administrator for assistance ...continue reading "Office 2013 will not connect to Exchange 2003 mailboxes"

So after installing more than a few times I thought about writing my own powershell script to automate some of the process, there was no need though when I stumbled across this great script..check it out here

You wont be disapppointed, I know I wasnt.